About Us

Brand founder Jane adopted her first dog in 2015 at a stray dog rescue event, it was a little golden retriever, and she named her Dahuang(big yellow guy), she also made a lot of animal-loving friends at that event, most of them were first-time adopters, and she realized that they were same like her, inexperienced and curious about their cute dogs, and can not wait for explore a new life with their dogs.
After the event, Jane took good care of Dahuang, and often bought or handmade some beautiful clothes and interesting toys for her; Meanwhile, Jane kept in touch with the friends she made at the rescue event, sharing the changes in her life after having a dog, the problems she encountered, and all kinds of interesting things, and it was obvious that Jane enjoyed having a pet so much, and was getting better at it!
2016, Jane decided to create a pet brand, aiming to provide more and better choices for pet owners, become friends with more pet lovers, and explore more interesting together! and EXPAWLORER was born!
EXPAWLORER means that we are constantly exploring and developing more and better products from the pet's perspective and needs, and we also hope that our customers can use EXPAWLORER's products to explore more fun with your beloved pets!
So this will be our slogan -“Let's expawlore more fun!”