Top 5 best dog socks | How to choose the best dog socks in 2021

You've certainly seen your dog slide over hardwood floors at some point in his existence as a dog owner. While it may be entertaining to watch for a few minutes, you don't want this situation to continue. Sliding around isn't pleasant for your dog, and the nails of a dog might harm your hardwood floors, which isn't ideal.

Fortunately, many dog socks on the market can assist your pet gain traction while also protecting your floors. 

What are dog socks? What's the difference between dog socks and dog boots?

Dog socks and dog shoes are phrases that are sometimes used interchangeably.

Socks are primarily intended for indoor use and lack the rugged or semi-stiff soles found in shoes and booties. Socks for dogs are the polar opposite of shoes and boots for dogs. They are constructed of elastic and cotton for comfort and fit, are breathable, machine washable, and conform to the dog's foot. They flex, allowing your dog to walk correctly. It will never harden, and it contains no sand or grit.

Conversely, shoes and boots are thick and hefty. They don't always fit well, promote bacteria since they don't breathe, can't be machine washed, and rely on buckles or belts to stay on - which dogs despise. They also don't bend, so your dog will have to walk like Frankenstein. Outside, you generally won't want to wear socks because they won't last very long, but you can wear dog booties indoors.

 homimp dog socks

Below are some of our favorite dog footwear and explain what to look for while making your decision. 


Quick Picks: Best Dog Socks In 2021

homimp dog socks

  1. HOMIMP Anti Slip & Waterproof Dog Socks - 2021 New Release [Best Overall] —Are you looking for socks that will improve your dog's traction and protect your floors? These are a no-brainer. These socks meet all of the major requirements (except for straps), and they come in various sizes.
  2. EXPAWLORER Double Side - Anti-Slip Dog Socks [Best Overall Runner Up] — These socks come in only three sizes and a single color pattern. Still, they're otherwise fantastic, with straps and textured rubber bottoms. 
  3. PUPTECK Double Side Anti-Slip Dog Socks [Most Affordable] —These are terrific — and wonderfully budget-friendly — pick if you only need some practical yet economical socks so your dog can gain a more excellent grip on your floors.

    When and why dogs need dog socks? or How to choose the socks?

    Socks are worn under the dog's clothing and should be picked carefully. Socks are popular among dogs. They lick their socks and play with them. It is seen as a component of their mental well-being.

    They should be picked based on the climate of where you reside, or socks should be determined based on your pet's intimidation.

    What Are the Advantages of Dog Socks?

    While dog socks are not necessary for every dog, they can make your dog's life easier and provide a range of benefits.

    The following are some of the most notable advantages:

    • Improve Traction – If you have hardwood, linoleum, or tile flooring, your dog may find it difficult to maintain traction. On the other hand, most dog socks have rough bottoms, which can assist your dog in staying stable and gaining better traction on slick floors.
    • Excellent For Dogs With Mobility Issues – Older dogs and those with joint difficulties typically struggle to maintain traction on slick floors, which can lead to falls as well as make your dog feel nervous while walking about. However, the extra traction provided by the traction socks will give your golden oldie more confidence and allow him to strut around your dog palace.
    • Dog Socks Assist Dog-Proof Your Flooring — In addition to providing traction for your dog, dog socks also help dog-proof your flooring by protecting hardwood floors from scrapes and scratches caused by your dog's claws. They'll also muffle the clicking and clacking of his nails on the floor.
    • Keep Your Dog's Legs Warm — If you live in a colder climate or have a little dog, keeping your dog warm throughout the winter months might be challenging. While dog sweaters are a good choice, dog socks can also keep your four-legged friend warm in any season.
    • They're So Cute — While looks may not be the essential benefit of dog socks, you can't deny that a canine in socks is simply gorgeous. There are various dog sock styles to choose from, so you can choose one that is perfect for your four-legged friend.

    Things to Consider When Choosing Socks for Your Dog

    There is no scarcity of dog socks on the market; in fact, there are likely hundreds of different possibilities at any given time. However, this does not engage all excellent quality, as some will be far superior to others.

    Here are a few essential pointers to consider in order to ensure that new socks fit perfectly:

    • Sizing – Before purchasing dog socks, take the time to measure your dog's paw according to the manufacturer's instructions. If your dog's socks are too big, he'll probably lose a pair while strolling around the house (or he may kick them off from the get-go). If the socks are too little, your dog will struggle to put them on in the first place.
    • Straps Can Help – Straps can aid in keeping dog socks in place. This is especially useful for dogs who don't like wearing them and removing them right away.
    • Washable Design – Because your dog's socks will inevitably get dirty, you'll want to make sure they're simple to clean. It could be a good idea to get two pairs so Fido can keep his feet covered while the other pair is being washed.
    • Color – Darker dog socks are more likely to become dirty and hold stains over time, while lighter colors are more likely to get dirty and have stains over time.

    The Five Best Dog Socks

    1. HOMIMP Dogs Gripper Anti Slip Socks for Hardwood Floors and Hot Pavement

    homimp dog socks



    These warm, non-slip dog socks from HOMIMP will assist your senior dogs in gaining traction on slick surfaces while also preserving your hardwood floors from damage caused by their nails. These rubber-dipped dog socks are waterproof and can join your dog on indoor or outdoor travels.

    The socks do not injure the dog's leg thanks to the distinctive tight design and adjustable strap. The bright orange hue and high-quality reflective strap ensure that your dog is immediately visible.

    These anti-slip dog socks are made of a breathable material to prevent overheating in all seasons. That socks can protect you from both hot pavements in the summer and salt in the winter


    • Ideal for hardwood floors.
    • A variety of adorable dog sock designs
    • Nonskid bottom


    • If you use it outside, it will have a shorter service life.
    • Some people complained that these socks didn't fit as well as they had hoped.

    2. EXPAWLORER Double Side Anti-Slip Dog Socks with Adjustable Straps

    expawlorer dog anti slip socks

    These EXPAWLORER's dog socks include adorable anti-slip rubber dog paws and built-in straps for a secure fit. Fido's feet will be kept warm in any season, thanks to the silky cotton socks.


    • Both sides of the dog socks have anti-slip grips for enhanced traction and flexibility.
    • Cotton socks prevent hardwood floors from scratches caused by claws.
    • A built-in loop fastener keeps your dog's socks in place while he runs around the house.
    • Dog socks come in a six-pack in case Fido misplaces any of his reusable footwear.


    • Straps that can be adjusted
    • Indoor Hardwood Floor Wear with Strong Traction Control
    • Puppy Pet Paw Protection at its Finest
    • Nonskid bottom


    • Limited sizing options may make finding a suitable fit challenging.

    3. PUPTECK Double Side Anti-Slip Dog Socks


    The loose straps on these PUPTECK dog socks provide you more flexibility while trying to keep them on your dog's feet.


    • The textured bottoms of the soft dog socks provide the necessary grip support for your dog.
    • The hook and loop strap mechanism (PUPTECK) on the dog socks keeps Fido's footwear firmly in place.
    • Anti-slip bottoms make it simpler for your dog to grip slick surfaces.
    • These dog socks are easy to clean, thanks to their washable design.
    • Long socks cover a dog's legs and provide additional warmth in any season.



    • The majority of dogs seemed to enjoy wearing these socks.
    • PUPTECK straps allow you to put them exactly where you want them for your dog.


    • Limited sizing options may make finding the perfect fit challenging.
    • The fastening system will not withstand chewing dogs.

    4. SCENEREAL Dog Socks Anti Slip with Straps

    scenereal dog socks


    These traction control socks by SCENEREAL are a terrific alternative if you're looking for an intelligent solution for Spot. The anti-slip paw socks are available in various styles and include grips on the bottom to keep your dog stable.


    • Machine-washable cotton socks are breathable and easy to clean.
    • Strips are included to keep socks secure while in use.
    • Anti-slip grips on the bottom of the dog socks keep your dog stable.
    • Fido's warm dog socks will keep him warm while also reflecting his distinct personality.


    • The dark-colored motifs keep these dog socks clean and stain-free.


    • Nails that haven't been cut can occasionally pierce the cloth.
    • Some customers complained that the dog socks were too small.

    5. BINGPET Dog Socks for Hardwood Floors

    bingpet dog socks



    • NONSKID: This BINGPET socks Improves your dog's traction on slippery surfaces (tile/hardwood floor) with a thin rubber band around the bottom.
    • WATERPROOF: The tread material makes the socks waterproof, ensuring that your dog's feet stay dry even when walking on damp ground.
    • ANTI-FALL OFF: Unlike most socks, ours have straps that keep the socks on the dog's feet all day.


    • A variety of adorable dog sock designs
    • Waterproof Anti-Slip Paw Protector for Outdoors
    • Traction Control with Reflective Straps


    • If not utilized properly, it will tear off quickly.

    Do dogs like wearing socks?

    Unfortunately, some dogs seem to dislike wearing socks. However, most dogs will learn to wear them without difficulty with time. Introduce them to your dog gradually, allowing him to sniff them before placing them on his paws.

    You can take the socks off after a few minutes if your dog doesn't appear to like them (like the darling in the GIF above). Then you could leave them on for a little longer the following time.

    Continue to proceed in this manner — and provide plenty of goodies to develop a good association — and your dog will most likely learn to ignore them.  

    Dog Socks FAQs

    To help you discover the appropriate foot coverings for Fido, here are some frequently asked questions and answers about dog socks.

    Do dog socks actually work?

    While dog socks may not be the best choice for every dog, they can provide traction, stability, and warmth for many four-legged friends. Your dog's claws can scratch your flooring; therefore, dog socks can help.

    Do dogs enjoy putting on socks?

    Each dog is unique, and not all four-legged companions will love wearing socks at first. On the other hand, your dog may come to appreciate socks if he realizes that they provide stability and warmth.

    When introducing your dog to socks, as with any new item in his life, give plenty of positive reinforcement and start by only making him wear them for brief periods of time.

    Is it possible to wear dog socks outside?

    It's ultimately up to you, but saving socks for indoor use may make the most sense.

    Outdoor dog socks are more likely to rupture due to rugged terrain, and dirt and other debris can readily stain them. Treat your dog to a pair of booties if you're looking for an outdoor solution.

    Will my dog's grip improve if he wears dog socks?

    As long as your dog socks include some form of texture or gripping mechanism on the bottom of the sock, your dog should be able to keep a firm grip.

    Dog socks with no underlying texture may keep your dog's paw warm, but they won't provide much in the way of stability or mobility.

    What is the best way for me to figure out what size socks my dog requires?

    Manufacturers of dog socks usually include a sizing guide that allows you to measure your dog's paw for a precise fit. Take the time to measure your canine companion's paw accurately and read product reviews to see if your dog socks of choice run on the large or small side.

    When I put socks on my dog, why does he kick?

    Dog socks are not something that comes naturally to them. Because he hasn't had time to acquaint himself with the footwear thoroughly, your dog may be a little fidgety the first few times you try to put on dog socks.

    Your dog can learn to endure the process of putting on his paw protectors with repetition, praise, rewards, and a little patience.