Pet Item Deals (September 20, 2021 Update)

1.Cat Toys for Indoor Outdoor Kitten Playing 3 Packs

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Code: 60YR2BMI

Price after code:10.39

  • Multi-Funcation Toy: This is not only a cat’s toy, but it can also be used for classroom teaching, which is a great way to point out what to say and attract the attention of the audience. It is also ideal for outdoor activities, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, astronomy, etc.
  • Charge Upgrade: This is a convenient and interesting cat stick that can be charged directly via USB. With the upgraded button, just press the slide cover to use. When you are tired, just turn on the toy button and start playing with the cat.
  • Durable & Portable Design: The toy is made of high-quality stainless steel, anti-lost rope and metal clip design. It is light in weight. You can put it in your pocket or school bag and use it anytime, anywhere for added convenience.
  • The Perfect Interactive Toy for Cats: This toy can attract the cat's attention and make the cat exercise more. This toy can be used for pet training to increase the cat's keen ability and play ability.It can make the cat love and be close to the owner more.


2.Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

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Code: 60V5CE2R

Price after code:6.35

  • 【High-Quality Dog Tug Toys】Suction Cup Tug Rope Toys is Made of100% natural rubber, non-toxic, and bite resistant extremely,environmental friendly, safe and harmless. The sturdy rope is made of high-density material durable and wear-resistant. Indestructible. It is the best toy for puppies to chew.
  • 【Ideal Design】Our new dog chew toy designed with 360-degree rubber granular cleaner around the outside, and a double-layered sharp tooth cleaning mechanism in order to clean the dog's teeth efficiently. Designed with the new powerful sucker keeps the chew toy fixed and can interactively train the dog's bite force. Suitable for Small and Medium Dogs. {Large dogs may destroy it}
  • 【Multifunctional Suction Cup Dog Toy】The Dog Rope Toy with sound, When the ball is shaken, the small bell inside will make a sound. Dog interactive toys have functions of cleaning teeth, grinding teeth, interactive tug of war, and automatic food distribution. Long-term use of our Care4U puppy chew toys can effectively improve the dog's IQ and agility. Funny puppy toys can make the dog no longer annoyed by boredom and successfully attract the dog's attention without damaging the furniture.
  • 【Dog Puzzle Toys】Dog Interactive Chewing Biting Toys is equipped with a strong suction cup more firmly adsorbed. It can sturdily adhere to the floor, door, and glasses to let the pet self-playing, just like a fun tug of war, and Increase the dog's interest, develop the dog's intelligence. Note: Do not press the suction cup on frosted wooden floors, dusty walls, and concrete surfaces.It is best used on tile floors that are kept smooth and clean or on sliding glass doors.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Guarantee】We are committed to designing the best toys for dogs, each of our products undergoes rigorous quality testing. If you have any problem with our pet toys please contact us feel free. we will provide a satisfied solution for you.

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