Pet Item Deals (September 19, 2021 Update)

1.Cat Beds for Indoor Cats

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Code: 50T4RONN

Price after Code: 8.49

Size: Small

  • Reversible and Removable Design: JOYO Cat Bed is perfect for year-round use. The front designed with plush interior has high heat retention while the back has a high degree of air permeability. It is a comfortable place for your cat to sleep and relax with heat-retaining fabric material and raised rims for a more cozy experience.
  • Stable Pet Bed, Safe Living Space: Featured with a slip-resistant base, this small cat bed creates a sense of security as it can be kept in place firmly so that your pet will not slip accidentally when getting on or off the bed. Plus, it is made of 300D Oxford fiber, which is durable in use, especially suitable for puppies who like scratching.
  • Newly Upgraded, Perfectly Durable: JOYO Pet sofa cushion adopts ultra soft fiber filling, a material with high elasticity and good cushioning properties. It is built to last after improvement, not easy to be out of shape.
  • Super Easy to Clean: Usually it is recommend hand washing to care for the Usually it is recommended hand washing to care for the washable cat bed. However, JOYO pet bed can be easily washed by tossing whole bed into the washing machine with gentle cycle so that it is effortless to keep the bed clean providing a tidy and comfortable space for your furry friend.
  • Ideal for Kittens and Small dogs: Made of soothing and breathable super soft PP cotton filling which is skin-friendly, JOYO Pet Bed’s elasticity and comfort are greatly increased. Thanks to its lightweight and portable design, the pet bed works well not only on your home’s floor, but also in your office, or any other comfortable living space, preferably where your little kitties can nap peacefully while still being close to you.


2. Pet Booster Seats

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Code: 40XGJLDZ

Price after Code: 10.79

  • 【Comprehensive Protection】Dog safety seat for car is composed of sturdy three panels (front, rear and bottom), 2 sturdy PVC frame rods, and three straps for stabilizing the pet seat; at the same time, the safety seat has a built-in dog strap; The design gives dogs Comprehensive Protection. Let you and your dog have a pleasant and safe trip.
  • 【Easy to install & remove】 Dog safety seat is easy to install. 1. Open the velcro, put the PVC tube in, and then affix the velcro; 2. Hang the front and back straps of the dog seat on the car seat and adjust the tightness of the strap; 3. Bind the bottom strap to Seat backrest; 4. Put in the dog, and then buckle the dog with the built-in dog seat belt. The disassembly procedure is reverse to the installation procedure.
  • 【Easy to carry & versatile】The folded dog seat takes up little space and is easy to carry. Wide range of uses: It can be used not only as a dog seat, but also as a temporary storage box
  • 【Suitable for a variety of models】 Dog car seats are suitable for a variety of models, such as: including 4-door sedan (4-door sedan), travel van (Minivan), SUV, CIVIC, etc. You can put the dog car seat in the front or rear of the car according to your needs.
  • 【Durable and waterproof & easy to clean】The main material of Dog Booster Seats for vehicles is 900D Oxford cloth, waterproof and wear-resistant, which can effectively prevent your car seat from being pierced by the dog's sharp teeth, and can also avoid dog urine to dirty your seat. When cleaning, you only need to scrub with a damp cloth or use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dog hair attached to the seat


3. Dog Nail Grinder with Light


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Code: 40XGJLDZ

Price after Code: 10.79

  • ♥【Pet Nail Grinder with LED Light】Bright led light set can help clearly see how the grinding head works on the paws, so that you don't need to worry about excessive bruising of the pet's bloodline. It is equipped with a high-quality diamond grinding head, which makes it safer and more comfortable. It will help you be the best pet grooming expert.
  • ♥【Low Noise and Low Vibration】Don't worry about the noise and vibration that would bring tension and fear to your pets. Our pet nail polisher is equipped with an ultra-quiet motor, which can trim nails with low noise and low vibration. Even sensitive pets can keep calm and make the nails trim work easier.
  • ♥【2 Speed and 3 Grinding Ports】 The pet nail polisher adopts high and low speed design, and is equipped with 3 grinding mouths at the same time, perfect for large, medium and small pets. You can choose the appropriate one and speed according to the pet's body size and nail characteristics. It will be the best choice for pet grooming.
  • ♥【USB Rechargeable Design】The pet nail polisher is made with USB charging cable, which can be connected to an AC adapter, mobile power supply, laptop or car for charging anytime and anywhere without changing the battery. It is quite convenient and portable. The red charging indicator indicates charging, and the green indicates that it is fully charged.
  • ♥【Starting a pleasant pet grooming journey】The pet nail polisher is lightweight and ergonomically designed, which makes it easy to operate no matter by left or right hands. If you have any questions after purchasing, please contact us via Amazon email, and we will give you a satisfactory reply within 24H.


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