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Cat Beds for Indoor Cats with Removable Cover

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  • 【Zipper & Detachable】The cat bed is the latest design of the second generation. The outer layer is designed with a zipper, and the inner PP solid cotton and cloth cover can be separated. The lumps cannot be easily separated, making the cat a more comfortable cat bed. In addition, it is convenient for storage and can reduce the used area when disassembled and not used.
  • 【Best PP cotton& 3D effect 】The PP cotton of the detachable wash cat bed is put in a bag. Therefore, the PP cotton inside becomes more stable and does not disperse. Combined with a soft outer material and a solid lining of ample PP cotton, it provides the dog with a comfortable sleeping environment, relaxing in the dog bed and enjoying the love of the owner.
  • 【Four seasons universal style】 High-quality PP cotton is placed around and on the bottom, making it comfortable, warm, highly elastic in all directions. You don't have to worry about the cold of autumn and winter. In spring and summer it is also fully applicable. It can withstand the cold of spring and, in summer, the cooling of air conditioning. It is very popular as a year-round type pet bed. Your dog and cat can sleep soundly.
  • 【Machine Washable】The detachable pet bed is more convenient for cleaning. You only need to remove the cover of the pet bed and it can be machine washed directly. It can also effectively prevent the cloth cushion inside from agglomerating due to washing and becoming not fluffy.
  • 【Specifications Reference】S SIZE: Length and width: 19.6*19.6in, height: 7.8in, suitable for cats and dogs under 15lb.M SIZE:Length and width: 23.6*23.6in, height: 7.8in, suitable for cats and dogs under 25lb

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