Pet Item Deals ( May 27, 2021 Update)

1. Raised Dog Cot Bed for Indoor or Outdoor Use

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Code: 60QNY1HC

Price after code: $20

  • Durable Material: Raised dog cots with High-impact Textilene fabric(Breathable, scratch-proof, tear-resistant) that provides powerful support for dogs. Additionally, reinforced and anti-rust steel frame that is extremely safe for pets of all sizes.
  • Elevated Design: Elevated dog bed increases airflow on all sides of the bed, to keep the bed dry and cool, ease the stress/pain on your pet’s joints. also away from the bugs as well as great ventilation in the warmer weather.
  • Easy to Use: Comes with a hex key, our elevated pet bed is easy to assemble or disassemble. Easy to clean the pet hair, dirt, and grime on a mesh, hose the surface (tap water only) or hand wash with mild soap and let air dry. In addition, the feet of the frame with a cap to protect your floor.

2. Interactive Training Snuffle Mat for Dogs

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Code: 50LVIACU

Price after code: $17.50

  • Material -- Our snuffle mat for dogs is made of high-quality soft Polar fleece + felt cloth. The dog feeding mat is durable and non-toxic, can ensures the health of your dog. The dog sniffing pad is beautiful in appearance and easy to hide food. It is the best gift for dogs to eat happily indoors and outdoors.
  • Features -- Our snuffle mat for dogs is suitable and practical.Hiding food or small toys in the mat can take your pet a day to find it, which helps train dog's smell, consume energy and help your dog lose weight; Bottom is a non-slip cloth that effectively holds the mat and prevents the dog from moving.
  • Puzzle Toy -- Our dog feeding mat is flexible and bite resistant.Dog puzzle mat + toy ball: The exquisite dog search mat can stimulate the dog's natural food-seeking instinct by imitating forage in the grass and fields; At the same time, the toy ball will attract the dog to bite and eliminate boredom.
  • Size -- 27.5in x27.5in ,Our snuffle mat for dogs perfect for small, medium and large dogs of any breed, also suitable for rabbits and other animals, helping them reduce stress and relax when left alone.

3. Automatic Feeder for Small & Medium Pets

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Code: 60HOKOUV

Price after code: $31.4

  • 6L/1.6Gal: Rest Assured You’re Free to Leave Now]Kastty cat feeder will auto feed your fur babies when you’re not in. 6L extra large hopper allows you to be absent as long as it possible. Thanks to the infrared sensor the cat food dispenser will warn you of refilling in low food level via red indicator, and will stop dispensing if tray is full to avoid overflowing in case cats miss meals due to a tummy upset. Get your pets fed on a scientific diet, no overeating, and save big in vet bills.
  • Still Works (5V Power) Even There Is a Power Cut: Install 3 alkaline D cells, then plug in and program the timer and amount each meal, now you’re totally free to go on a trip without worrying about your little critters won’t be fed properly in the event of a power cut of the automatic dog feeder caused by state or local electrical failures and repairs. The power goes out, the D cells will automatically be switched to and power the dog feeder and maintain the settings that you’ve programmed.
  • Personalize a Scientific Diet: Programmable Timer Feeder]: Customize meal plans for your fur babies based on their varied figures and fitness routines so that they can have a balanced and scientific diet. The programmable cat feeder allows you to set up to 6 meals a day, 1-50 portions per meal(based on pets’ appetite and fitness goal), and 4-8g per portion(The exact amount of each portion is subject to kibble size and shape. ). Hence, the amount per meal and feeding times are personalized.

4. Cat Laser Toy Automatic Interactive for Indoor Cats

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Code: 50VIVYOU

Price after code: $12.50

  • Automatic ON/OFF: BENTOPAL Laser cat toys will automatically shut off 1.5 hrs every 15 minutes working.
  • 5 Circling Ranges: According your room’s area, this interactive cat toys can be adjust the laser rolling ranges.
  • Placing high: This automatic cat toy can anti-collision from pets when you put it on high, the red dot rorating range will also wilder.
  • Power by: 1. AA batteries x 4 (Not included) - Get funny time with pets in the outside. 2. USB charging(Cable come with boxes) - Needn't worried about less battery when you are out.
  • Safety with BENTOPAL: According to statistics, Not every cat will like it, young, curious or active cats will more excited about this toy.

5. Reusable Puppy Potty Mats for Pet

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Code: 50LWCWJE

Price after code: $19.49

  • 🐾 4 Layer Leakproof Design: The pee pads adopts a 4-layer process design. The surface is an odorless mesh cloth that printed with cute dog paws, which is soft and comfortable. The middle is absorbent cotton and waterproof membrane to ensure strong absorption and prevent urine leakage. The bottom is a non-slip and anti-leakage plastic cloth to help keep floors dry and stay in place. 39.4" x 27.6" extra large size is ideal for small, medium and large pets.
  • 🐾 Excellent Water Absorption: The dogs pads use the principle of ultrasound to press the 4-layer structure of the mats together, which can accelerate the absorption of pet urine, prevent the diffusion of odors, and lock the liquid to prevent leakage.
  • 🐾 Machine Washable: Thanks to the ultrasonic compression tech, these potty pads can be repeatedly cleaned without tearing or breaking. The 2 packs are easy to replace, which helps keep the floor dry at all times and keeps the house away from odors. It also protects the furniture from pet hair.
  • 🐾 Reusable and Durable: The built-in thickened absorbent cotton will provide a long-term powerful absorbent effect, avoiding the trouble of repeatedly purchasing disposable pee pads, which is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

6. Adjustable Breathable Mesh Anti-bite & Scratch Kitty Bathing Bag

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Code: 50L77IAV

Price after code: $6.50

  • Multifunctional Cat Grooming Supplies: It can be used in any scenarios, such as bathing, nail trimming, teeth and ears cleaning, examining, etc. The cat washing bag is easy to take care of your cats.
  • Adjustable Drawstring: The cat grooming bag supplies is designed with adjustable zippers and straps, zipper allow you to release one paw at a time, easy to clean paws and cut nails, adjusting the rope freely to the most suitable degree of tightness, makes your cat feel very comfortable and relax.
  • Hand Held Design: The unique handle design makes it easy to lift or take your cat somewhere, which is able to effectively control the movement of naughty kitty. The cat grooming bag kitten also can save a lot of money going to the pet store. This washing bag for cat can help your kitty have a bath at home without spending extra money to the pets salon.
  • Premium Material: The cat bathing bag made by soft and breathable mesh polyester as the main material. Scratch and bite resistant-avoid cat's sharp claws and teeth; great air permeability, easy to drain and dry, don't worry about catching cold in bathing.

 7. Adjustment Bolts Sturdy Safe Gate Stairs

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Code: 506ILLCT

Price after code: $35

  • Size: 29" to 34" wide with 4 adjustable bolt, 32'' Height Gate opening( width 21"), good for medium or large dogs. Adding security for your pet. Extra wide gate opening designed with door swings conveniently in either direction for easy walk-through in or out.
  • Installation & Adjustable: The safe gate come with 4 pressured adjustment bolts for easy and secure installation without drilling holes. If the latching mechanism is too short to reach the lock. Please tighten top adjustment wheels to shorten the gap until gap between handle and latch is 5mm. If too tight to open,please loose the top adjustment wheels properly.
  • Sturdy & Durable: Sturdy metal construction perfect for safely restricting your furry friends. The metal rod is larger diameter and more durable. Makes it enough sturdy to bear the impact of 80 pounds! The proper distance (2.75 inches) between each metal rod which perfectly prevent your furry friends squeezing out or getting its head caught in.
  • One-Handed Access: The safe gate designed with a one-touch release easy slide handle safety lock. A secure spring-loaded latch keeping gate safely closed when not in use. Easy one-handed open and close operation.

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