Pet Item Deals ( May 24, 2021 Update)

1. Adjustable Reflective Dog Vest for Outdoor Walking Training Control

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Code: 50TKWL39

Price after code: $6.50 ~$9.50

  • Breathable: Made of durable Nylon Oxford and padded with Soft Cushion to protect your dog's skin. Breathable air mesh keeps your dog cool during outdoor activities.
  • Reflective and Safe: Super bright reflective strips ensure a SAFE walk in the day and night. Makesure your dog will enjoy the daily walk with this comfortable dog harness.
  • No Pull & No Choke: Our no-pull dog harness is specially designed with 2 quick snap buckles and fully ajustable with 4 straps. Use the chest attachment clip to stop your dog from pulling on walks, perfect for dog training or dogs who tend to pull. The BACK one is great for casual walks, jogging, hiking, etc.
  • Easily Adjustable: This no pull dog harness is easy to wear and adjust, quick snap buckles ensures ease of use when putting on and taking off, fully adjustable straps at the chest and neck allow a custom fit for your fur friend, perfect for daily walking, running, jogging, hiking, training, outdoor fun time and more.

2. Cat Harness and Leash

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Code: 456DF2VB

Price after code: $4.94

  • The harness is designed with "H" style and durable snap-lock buckles have adjustable slides for both the neck and girth.
  • Made of premium nylon webbing and soft padded lead handle for extra comfort ;the adjustable leashes allows you to create a custom fit for your cat's body type.
  • Metal snap buckle on the leash for securely attaching with the metal D-ring on the harness.
  • Safe restraint with no pressure on delicate throat area to fit small puppies dog breeds or cat.

3. Hard Bone Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewer

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Code: 60FD9DBE

Price after code: $6.0

  • Instinctual Needs: This Bone shaped dog chew toy helps satisfy dogs' instinctual needs and provides mental stimulation. Healthy play is important for dogs' physical and mental development, emotions and behavior. By encouraging healthy play and satisfying instinctual needs, this toy helps solve chewing, separation anxiety, teething, boredom, weight management, crate training, digging, barking and more!
  • Safe to chew: Our dog chew toy is extra firm and durable would not be brittle into pieces or broke into halves when chewed on. Made of non-toxic food grade nylon. Tested and approved by German Shepherds, Pit-bulls, American Foxhound, Mastiffs, Alaskan and many other aggressive chewers. While no dog toy is truly indestructible, but this one comes very close.
  • Improves Dental Hygiene: Help improve your dog’s dental hygiene to keep them healthy and save money on your dog’s dental bills. Chewing can help clean teeth(dental calculus) and control plaque and tartar, effectively cleans teeth to promote oral health and soothes discomforts from teething.
  • The hard bone measures approximately 5.9“ height and 1.5” in diameter.

4. Cat Food Water Bowls with Anti Slip Feet for Comfortable Feeding

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Code: 3021D3DZ

Price after code: $13.29

  • Reduce Neck Burden: The cat food bowls come with a metal stand that raised the cat bowl to a more comfortable height, allow you cat swallow more easily and alleviates their occasional vomiting.
  • Tilt Angle Design: 0-15° tilt design to improve eating posture, the tilted cat bowl helps prevent food from falling out of the bowl, making it very easy for cats to eat!
  • Prevent Whisker Fatigue: Shallow and wide design prevents whisker stress, effectively reducing contact between the cat's whiskers and the rim of the bowl, makes your cat more enjoyable to eat.
  • Quickly And Easily Accesss The Food: The pet feeding bowl designed with Non Slip rubber feet on stand,keep each of the cat food bowls steady, makes your kitty can easily access the food and has a healthy and comfortable mealtime as well as prevent mess and spills on your floor. 

5. Expandable Foldable Soft-Sided Dog Carrier

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Code: 30IUN9VH

Price after code: $32.19

  • Expandable Soft-Side Carrier: This soft-sided pet carrier is expandable , give your pet extra space to rest. Allows your pet to move around more comfortably and reduces the anxiety. Q-Hillstar dog carrier normal size is 17.5"Lx 11"Wx 11"H, expandable size is 17.5" Lx 29.8"W x 11"H by expanding the 2 mesh windows. Fits pet up to 16"L*9"W*9"H,max load of 20lbs.
  • ❤Stable Structure And Durable Material: Upgraded steel strand structure prevents the top of expandable dog carrier from sagging, keeping stable and sturdy even fully expanded. The cat carrier is made of durable oxford and designed with a hard pad at the bottom, help to hold and increase load beaning, avoid deformation and collapse when carry on the carrier.
  • ❤User-Friendly Design:This portable pet carrier comes with mesh windows giving plenty of openings and air ventilation for cat dog with top opening. With zippers on both top and side, your lovely puppy can be put in and out of our dog carrier easily. And the pet carrier is foldable that will saves space and easy to store. The cozy fleece pet bed can be removed and machine-washable.
  • ❤Safe And Convenient For Use:The green reflective tapes on the side increase safety for your pet when using at night. And the MINI ZIPPER BUCKLES ensure your pet stays tucked safely inside. Anti-slip pads are added at the bottom, the pet bag will not slide around under the seat, keep your furry friends safely in the carrier.

6. 2IN1 Dog Pet Snuffle Mat with Collapsible Slow Feed Dog Bowl

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Code: 50BAUYCC

Price after code: $10.0

  • Dog Training Toys: It is a unique dog training mat that allows your dog to find snacks or small toys hidden in the mat. It helps to train your dog's smell, consume your dog's energy and lose weight. Keep your dog occupied and avoid your dog being bored and engaged in destructive behavior.
  • Non-slip: Anti-slip backing can stays stable on floors, keeping them securely in place for less-messy pet feeding.
  • Easy to Storage: nosework for dogs lanyard storage design, easy to hang up and carry, suitable for pet indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Easy to Clean: The slow eat snuffle mat is made of high-quality fabric, environmentally friendly and easy to clean. It is suggested that washed by hand.
  • Slow Feed Designed: The slow feeder bowl can slow down your dog's eating, minimize the tendency to gulp too much too fast, so that improves digestion and develop healthy eating habits, make your doggie more health.

7. Rechargeable Electric Pet Nail Clipper 

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Code: 6Q9C4KAA

Price after code: $7.96

  • Strong Power & Low Noise: Adopt silver Pd-alloy 4500 - 7500 rpm motor, stepless speed regulation meets different needs, advanced low noise tech lower the noise less than 40db to keep pets calm and help to sand pets claws faster and easier.
  • Super Long Battery Life & Rechargeable: Upgraded Built-in Li-ion Battery support 20h cordless working time, solved the trouble of having to charge in advance for each use. And the USB wire that you can conveniently connect to a laptop, AC adapter or power bank to charge.
  • Safe, Effective & Fits All Kinds of Pets: The Diamond Bit Grinder provides safe and comfortable pet claw grinding, trim your pet's nails painlessly and precisely anywhere. 3 user-friendly ports are ideal for large, medium and small-sized dogs, as well as cats, birds or rabbits!
  • Ergonomic Body & Portable: This pet paws grooming tool comes with an ergonomic body design, makes it easier to handle in your right or left hand. Easy for storage, ideal for traveling. 

8. Dog Life Jacket with Inflatable Airbag

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Code: 45IWPYXZ

Price after code: $12.24

  • More Buoyancy: LESYPET life jackets increase the buoyancy of clothes by inserting airbags. The buoyancy is greater than that of traditional foam life jackets. It is suitable for swimming for the first time or for dogs who are learning to swim.
  • Safer Design: Bright colors and reflective materials allow you to see dog swimming at a glance even if they are far away or at night, which greatly improves safety. The grip design on the back of the life jacket is convenient for pet owners to train their pets.
  • Easier to Use: Take out the airbag when using it, fill the airbag with your mouth or pump, put it in the life jacket and zip it up. Then put the life jacket on the pet accurately by adjusting the Velcro, buckle it, Finish dressing.
  • More Use Occasions: In addition to swimming, the British design style of the product make this product fully usable as ordinary clothes after the airbag is removed, keeping the dog's body clean, and the D-ring on the back is also convenient Fasten the tow rope.

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