Pet Item Deals ( May 23, 2021 Update)

1. 19OZ Portable Pet Water Bottle for Walking

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Code: 40EIVN8X

Price after code: $8.99 

  • EASY TO USE & NO WASTE - The dog water bottle is very easy to use, just press the button and tilt forward, the water comes out. If your dog doesn’t finish the water, simply press the button and tilt back, the water will flow back into the bottle, no water waste.
  • LEAK PROOF - The silica gel seal ring and the lock feature to prevent the button from accidentally getting pressed so water doesn’t leak out, you could put the pet water bottle in the car or backpack or purse, no worry to get wet.
  • LARGE 19OZ CAPACITY - Large capacity 19oz dog water bottle, perfect for taking your large and medium breed dogs for outdoor walking, hiking, traveling or any outdoor activities.
  • EASY TO CARRY - The portable dog water bottle for walking is lightweight and has a strap for carrying, you can carry it all times when you have your dog with you, in car, for walks, shopping, at beach and everywhere your dog goes with you.

2. Indestructible Plush Chewing Toys for Aggressive Small Puppy

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Code: 30FT4JYO

Price after code: $12.59

  • Squeaky Toys for Puppy Dog: These toys are made of 100% non-toxic materials and are very safe for your dog. Very suitable for dogs to play, and use them as a substitute for socks and shoes.
  • Great Set of 7: 6 pack squeaky furry toys + squeaky ball,cute animal dog toy bundle includes dog, raccoon, wolf, zebra, tiger, cow,They're the perfect toys for IQ and interactive training.
  • Teeth Clean & Keep Health: The Squeaky Toys contains one or two pronunciation tools. When the dog picks it up, it will make a sound, thereby attracting its attention. This toy can prevent your dog from being in an aggressive state,adding Daily Entertainment to your pets, Relieve the depression,Most dogs will destroy things in the house when stressed.
  • Relationship with Your Kids: This toy will serve as a bridge between children and pets. When you find that both children and pets in your family need toys to pass the time, you only need to take out these toys, and they will be happy for this!

3. Washable Anti-Slip Kennel Pad

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Code: 501THKAX

Price after code: $5.0 ~$13.0

  • Cozy Dog Bed: With soft velvet material on top, very thick, soft and squishy, and let your pet joint and muscle pain relief, when nap on the mat, super soft surface will offer a better relax.
  • Cute Spot Pattern & Durable Stitching Design: user-friendly design with spot Pattern fit dogs’ favor; Durable Stitching can make the inner filling in the middle of dog bed not easily moveable and easier to control.
  • Make travel more convenient: This pet bed is designed for crates, carriers, vehicles and within your home. You could easily take this lightweight and compatible pet bed everywhere your pet goes.
  • Easy washable dog bed: Machine washable, we usually recommend hand washing.

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