Pet Item Deals ( May 12, 2021 Update)

1. Stronger and Machine Washable Snuffle Mat Dog Feeding

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Code: 50B6VVPA

Price after code: $13.42

  • WELL-DESIGNED SNUFFLE MAT: The size of this snuffle mat is: 70cm*50cm/27.6in*19.7in, the weight is 270g, suitable for dogs, rabbits and other animals. It is a foraging toy, foraging mat, feeding mat, training toy, play mat and nosework mat. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. The package is simple and convenient, which is very easy to store and carry.
  • DURABLE AND MACHINE WASHABLE MATERIALS: The main fabric of the snuffle mat is polar fleece—very durable, not easy to be bitten into piece and no odor; the bottom is a anti-slip material—not easy to make the mat slide; the perfect stitching, piping technology and the edging design—prevents from the pet's teeth hooking the line out, prevent the bottom from falling off. BYT, it supports machine washing and is easy to clean.
  • EXCELLENT SNUFFLE MAT: It is a foraging mat which is suitable for pets with foraging instincts, such as: puppies, cats, rabbits, pigs, etc, From the color matching, shape, size, material, thickness, sewing method and other aspects, all are designed by professional designers and sewed by experienced lathes. It is an interesting foraging toy, durable feeding mat and easy training mat.

2. Warming Cat Bed - Machine Washable Kitty Cave with Cat Ball

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Code: 50TP3JUC

Price after code: $16.50

  • Well-made Cat Tent: The fluffy kitten bed cave is made of crystal velvet fabric, which is smooth, soft and textured. Thick PP cotton filled around the cat nest, not easy to collapse, strong elasticity. The carefully designed structure enhanced stability. The soft inner pad satisfies the cat's kneading nature.
  • Deep Sleep: The Semi-closed surround design provides a full sense of security for the cats and dogs. The whole cat house is warm and windproof, and the interior is comfortable and spacious, so that the cat's sleeping position is not restricted, giving the cats and puppy a comfortable sleep experience.
  • 2 Size Available: GAPZER cat puppy bed is available in 2 sizes. Size-S: 16.5’’(length) x 15.7’’(width) x 14.9’’(tall) suit for pets up to 6.6lbs; Size-L: 19.7’’(length) x 18.9’’(width) x 17.32’’ (tall) suit for pets up to 16.5lbs.
  • With Dangling Ball: Each soft cats nest is hung with a small elastic ball, which can be amusing to relieve pet’s boredom and ease their anxiety. The dangling ball is also help kitties fall asleep faster.

3. Portable Raised Dog Bed Indoor or Outdoor Use

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Code: 65FORKAY

Price after code: $21.0

  • Amazing weight-capacity: Extra support bars with excellent weight capacity is one of the competitive advantages of SUDDUS elevated dog bed. The 0.8mm steel pipes give dog beds stable support, which will not bend and collapse. The XL size even has two additional steel pipes, which can support over 140lbs. (XL can safely carry both 90 lbs Labrador and 95 lbs Golden retriever together in the weight test.)
  • Durable bed cover: Textilene dog bed cover is non-toxic, resistant to wear and tear, aging, etc. Hot pressed one-piece PVC bed cover without line seam avoids ripped seam situations, chew-proof and sturdy.
  • Easy to clean/easy to assemble: This elevated dog bed is removable and washable! When you think the doggy bed is a little dirty or has dog hair on it, at this point, wipe with a wet rag, and the dog bed will be restored to its original condition. You can also take the doggy bed outside, hose it down; it will air dry quickly and don't need to wait too long. Very easy to wash. Suddus elevated dog cot is easy to assemble; we have a tutorial video and instructions for our customers.
  • Details-Warm heart design: We installed non-slip rubber pads on the four support feet; the pet cot doesn't turn over easily when the dog jumps on it, make sure the foot of the bed doesn't scratch the floor. Two anti-skid plastic accessories have been added to the central support rod to protect the pet's safety in all aspects. We also have four small holes on top of the four supporting feet; we will launch a dog bed tent in the future. There is a dog bed with no fluorescent agent.

4. 360° Tangle-Free Heavy Duty Dog Retractable Leashes

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Code: 60J2XSZF

Price after code: $8.40

  • Quality seiko bearings for consistent retraction: Internal embedded stainless steel seiko bearings prevent the leash from being stuck, Durable and environmentally ABS plastic case, Internal embedded stainless steel seiko bearings prevent the leash from being stuck. Nylon tape is resistant to abrade and tear, but even a strong rope can not withstand dog's chew, we will try our best to improve it. We donate a percentage of profits to animal welfare organizations, animal shelters etc.
  • Qick brake & pause & lock: Our pet leash is equipped with a simple locking mechanism. Free mode allows the dog to wander and sniff around outdoors. Pause mode to ensure your pet returns to a safe area. The locking device allows your canine pal to play in a safe distance.
  • 16ft Strong and tangle-free leash: Our dog leash adopt tough nylon fabric, which is more chewable and wearable than other's. Embedded reflective strip also increase security & visibility for dogs and their owners at night. Warm tip, Please keep the leash out of dog's reach when you are not using it.
  • Ergonomic comfortable anti-slip handle: Ergonomic anti-slip soft handle and comfortable grip provides enjoyable walking experience with your pets, perfect for large dogs up to 110 lbs, you don't worry about the dog leash will hurt your hand when the dog run about madly.

5. Curved Aesthetic Dog Bed

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Code: 40658SB3

Price after code: $29.99 ~ $ 41.99 

  • Smart Design:The contour dog bed is more ergonomic, and can provide stronger plastic surgery support for the pet's neck, back, buttocks and joints to make sleep more comfortable.
  • High-Quality Material: The orthopedic foam provides excellent comfort, great for pets with Arthritis or joint issues.
  • Sleeping Surface: The sleeping surface is ultra-comfortable lamb wool, soft to the touch, no pet can resist the temptation to sleep on it.
  • Easy to clean: Removable cover is machine washable.Double protective covers design with waterproof liner.Simple to spot clean & remove hair.

6. Pet Color Block Crewneck Sweater

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Code: 30768TL1

Price after code: $13.99

  • Comfy Material : iChoue Dog Sweater is made of knitted cotton and polyester fabric with flannel lining,which is designed for extra comfort and warmth in winter. Machine-washable with similar color items in cold water.
  • iChoue Warm Clothes are more loose and elastic.Wider shoulder and thicker chest style gives your dog a snug and comfortable feeling. Suits strong dogs such as French Bulldog, Pug, English Bulldog, American Bully Pitbull well.
  • Unique Design : Original Color Matching Design,Simple and stylish,make your dog more beautiful and unique.
  • Easy on and off in pullover style,make more convenient,and soft fabric keeps warm.

7. 2.5L Super Quiet Pet Water Fountain with LED Indicator

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Code: 609ZC84V

Price after code: $14.80

  • DRY BURNING PREVENTION FUNCTION: Our machine automatically enables dry burning prevent function when water is below a certain level, smarter and safer.
  • 2.5L LARGE CAPACITY: No need to replenish water frequently and it can not only meet the drinking needs of cats, dogs, birds and other pets of various sizes, but also a natural bird bath and a funny pet toy. The stored water can be used for one month.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: 3 water flow settings: flower waterfall, flower bubble and gentle fountain mode. The recessed sink and water circulation system are designed to increase the contact area of water and air, and provide more oxygen to the water, bringing health and vitality to pets.
  • WITH LED INDICATOR AND WATER LEVEL WINDOW: Our blue LED cat fountain has a visible water level window for you to monitor the water level. The soft blue light can guide your pet to drink more water and make your pet easy t to find the pet drinking fountain.

8. Pineapple, Mango, Pitaya Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewer

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Code: 502R6DO7

Price after code: $6.99 ~$9.49 

  • Good For Your Dogs & Yourself: You can use Beewarm pineapple dog chew toy to train your dogs for increasing the intimacy between dogs and you, help them to clean their teeth, relieve anxiety, manage their weight and kill their boring time. You also can pay less money for dog dental care in the future and your puppies would not like to stay in the vet for a long time.
  • 100% Safe Natural Rubber: Natural rubber Beewarm pineapple dog chew toy effectively help dogs clean their teeth and kill their boring time, and prevent injuries from the materials of the chew toy. Rubber materials are natural and safe, and puppies would prefer the tough texture as a pineapple with massage and squeak function.
  • Extremely Durable, Long-lasting: Extremely durable Beewarm pineapple dog chew toy can be chewed long time. They can chew the toy all day when you have to work and do not have free time to play with dogs. It will be a good toy as a teddy bear for your dogs.

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