Pet Item Deals ( May 06, 2021 Update)

1. Snuffle Mat - Interactive Dog Toy for Training Natural Foraging Skills

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Code: 40KZA1HN

Price after code: $19.79

  • Dog Training Toys - This is a unique dog training mat that allows your dog to find snacks or small toys hidden in the snuffle mat. It helps to train the dog's smell, consume the dog's energy and reduce weight. Keep your dog busy and avoid your dog being bored and engaging in destructive behavior.
  • Velcro Design - After our research and observation, we found that the buckle design of the traditional snuffle mat is prone to be bitten and swallowed by the dog. This poses a great threat to the dog’s life and safety, so we use Velcro instead of the buckle To solve this hidden danger.
  • Environmentally Safe Materials & Easy to Clean - The snuffle mat is woven with high-quality polar fleece and oxford cloth, which is in line with modern environmental protection concepts, and is super soft, durable, and odorless. The puzzle for dog is very easy to clean, just put it in the washing machine and wash it directly, or wash it by hand.
  • Scope of Application -This snuffle mat is suitable for all breeds of dogs, such as bulldogs, labradors, sheepdogs, poodles, rottweilers, yorkshire terriers, dachshunds, golden retrievers, etc.

2. Snuffle Mat Durable Interactive Dog Toys

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Code: 509RZ8W7

Price after code: $19.99

  • 🐾 Dog Training Toys: This snuffle mat is a unique dog training mat that allows your dog to find snacks or small toys hidden in the mat. It helps train the dog's smell, consume the dog's energy and reduce weight. Keep your dog busy and avoid your dog being bored and engaging in destructive behavior.
  • 🐾Pleasant to the touch + Safe for use: This mat made of chenille, soft like the flannel-like outfit and will not hurt you puppy's nose or mouth. Our products are hand-made, and every inch represents our meticulous care of dogs. In order to provide high quality product and let all customers can rest assured purchase. All material are high quality, non-toxic , durable and odorless to make sure will not make your dog uncomfortable.
  • 🐾 Puzzle games + Durable edge guard: Our snuffle mat not only equipped with different heights of grass, just like the games of different difficulty which can encourage dogs’ natural instinct, let them have fun exploring, but also the edge will make sure the food wont overflow.
  • 🐾 Familiar + Easy to clean: The snuffle mat shape is like a carpet, which is common at home. Your dog will feel familiar and not be too scared of this mat. This dog snuffle mat can be washed by hand or machine, but we recommend hand washing and washing once a week to keep your dog’s health.

3. Squeaky Dog Toys for Puppy

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Code: 50YWKOO5

Price after code: $6.5

  • Puppy toys: This boredom puppy toy design encourages your dog to play and fetch, reducing your puppy boredom and separation anxiety, and preventing your dog from biting furniture.
  • Make your dog happy: Creative cute cartoon shaped puppy toys for teething small dogs entertains your baby dog, making them happy. The puppy chew toy pack is not indestructible and not suitable for strong chewing, therefore, we suggest your puppies play with them under supervision.
  • Interactive: Playing this funny dog toy with you dog can bring pleasure and improve relationship between you and your dog.
  • Material: Our plush dog toy are made of high quality plush material, non-toxic and durable. These dog stuff is a good gift for your lovely dog birthday.

4. Self Warming and Breathable Premium Pet Bedding

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Code: 30QY2LSM

Price after code: from $13.29 ~$18.89

  • PET-SAFE MATERIALS: Durable oxford cloth, high elastic PP cotton and luxurious faux fur come together to create dog mattresses that are as practical as they are comfortable! Super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.
  • Water and Dirt Resistant Bottom: The back of these pet beds is made of a high-quality material that emulates rubber adherence, which keep your floor clean and helps keep bed from slipping & sliding on hardwood floors, so no matter how big or small your pets are, it won't slip, or wobble, while they're finding themselves a better position to sleep.
  • COZY & COMFORTABLE: The raised sides creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, helps reduce drifting, stimulating nesting instinct while giving them the best support they all love. It’s also an observing spot where they can lay their heads upon to see everything going on in your house.
  • SUPPORTS BETTER SLEEP: 3 different sizes. The size S (16"*13") perfect for cats, small dogs and other pets up to 6.5lbs, our cozy beds treat your furry friend to the best! By providing warmth and a sense of security (with its high walls), each dog sofa bed promotes more restful sleep, supporting better health and behavior.

5. Heavy-Duty Outdoor Pet Vest

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Code: 525VHGGB

Price after code: $10.56

  • Durable & Comfortable Vest - Dog vest harness is made of high-quality durable nylon material to prevent from chewing or tearing up. The mesh breathable vest is stuffed with a soft enough sponge to prevent dogs or cats from being injured when pulled, the edges are soft to prevent pets from being scratched. Compared with traditional dog leashes, the vest-style harness can prevent pets from suffocating or being strained. No stress on the dog's neck, no choking, no bad effect for health.
  • Practical Design - Do you often fail to find your pet in the dark? Don't worry, the reflective strips on the vest can help you. The straps are equipped with four sliding adjusters, using the sliding adjusters on the chest and neck, you can set a suitable vest size for your pet. The chest belt is also equipped with two quick-opening buckles, the dog or cat will never slip out of the vest harness, and it is very convenient for you to help the dog or cat put on and take off.
  • Free Leash - It’s safer to take a dog or cat out for a walk with a leash. You don't worry about dangerous situations such as your pet suddenly running close to a fast-moving vehicle and being hit. There is a D-ring on the chest and back to buckle the leash. When walking in a busy city or training the dog's actions, you can buckle the leash in front, so that the direction of the dog can be controlled.

6. 23 PCS Cat Toys Pack Kitten Toy

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Code: 30EZMHG5

Price after code: $10.49

  • Variety Kitty Toy: TOYSBOOM interactive cat toys set came with a lot of different cat toys and it helps you to figure out what kind of toys your cat like most. You will get cat play tunnel, cat wand toy, cool cat sunglasses, little hands, various cat balls, crinkle cat toys, cat feather toys, cat mice and sisal fish in one purchase. 
  • More Cost-effective Than Store: You will get 23 pcs cat toys with such great price. Otherwise you would pay double or more if you purchased these separately in a pet store. Definitely good value for the price.
  • Cool Stuff to Dress Up Cats: Your pets will definitely look fashion and cool with this sunglasses. It is the best cat accessory for cat's daily wearing, photo shot and pet parties. You can wear the lovely tiny hands to tease, fondle your kitten and take some funny photos to share with your friends.
  • Cool Stuff to Dress Up Cats: Your pets will definitely look fashion and cool with this sunglasses and tiny hands. The cat glasses is the best cat accessory for cat's daily wearing, photo shot and pet parties. Take some funny pictures to share with your friends.

7. Premium Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewer

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Code: 45I6YJUZ

Price after code: $8.79

  • SAFE UNIQUE HOLLOW DRAGON / DINOSAUR EGG DESIGN : made of food grade nature rubber safe non-toxic , load food into toy ball with a strong fruit aroma, appeal dog to chew and play ,a perfect dog treat dispensing toys.
  • DENTAL CLEAN : hollow dog chew toys raised texture good flexibility , help our puppy and medium large dogs dental clean , stimulate gums and reduce tartar , free from busy brush teeth.
  • HIGHLY BITE-RESISTANT DURABLE DOG TOYS - Upgrade Indestructible material weight enough 8oz ,shock-absorbing, Durable tough great for aggressive chewers Large and medium breed.
  • MULTIUSE DURABLE LARGE MEDIUM DOG CHEW TOYS : keep Dogs away from boredom soothes . helps solve chewing, separation anxiety, weight management, crate training, digging, barking . nice interactive dog toys Improve training dogs jumping and reaction ability , throwing and fetch game improve their intelligence etc.

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