Pet Item Deals ( March 9, 2021 Update)

1. Donut Cuddle Dog Beds 

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Code: 50EH6L8H

Price after code: $12.5 

  • Raised edges are perfect for burrowing, offers additional orthopedic support and serve as a comfortable headrest as bed pillow. provide head and neck support, to ease the muscle soreness and joint pain for your loyal friend.
  • The fluffy puppy beds are with 2 size option: 20/23/inch. 2 color options: Grey/Light Coffee. Find the right size and your favor color.
  • The round dog bed allows both hand and machine washable and is dryer friendly. Always keep the Fluffy dog bed smelling fresh and clean.

2. Self Warming Round Dogs and Cats Bed

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Code: 50WHUPSL

Price after code: $9.99

  • Available in 3 Sizes: Choose the best size for your pet, Small, Medium or Large. (Note: To reduce carbon footprint, our beds shipped under compression; fluff it up and knead it into shape! )
  • Anti-Slip Bottom: The bottom is designed with anti-skid adherent material and high-density fabric. The anti-slip bottom makes it easier for your pet to get on and off, while their bed stays in place.
  • Supporting Comfort: Our soft and comfortable pet beds allow your pet’s sleep to be rejuvenating.

3. 3 Pack  Stuffless Crinkle Puppy Toys

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Code: 6066YAQZ

Price after code: $4.79

  • The squeaky crinkle dog toy designed with inner crinkle paper and also squeaker in the toy's head. The no stuffing crinkle dog toy last longer than regular plush dog toys. There are twisted ropes under the arms and legs of the small dog plush toy. This design is highly irresistible to your dogs, they will love them.
  • Rope toys are made from 100% natural cotton and squeaky toys are made of premium plush. Durable, non-toxic, bite-resistant, safe and washable. 
  • Dog chew toys help with the urge to chew while helping soothe your pup's gums and promote clean teeth, helping puppy maintain dental health and redirect bad biting behavior.

4. Pet Jacket and Sweater for Winter Cold Weather

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Code: 503UIW85

Price after code: $2.99~ $5.99 

  • Material: Polyester+TC (terylene/cotton), filling Polyester fiber, Outer layer/ Soft and Warm Inner Layer, perfect for wears in cold winter or walks on rainy & snowy days.
  • Workmanship: Exquisite stitching, easy Velcro Closure, easily put on and take off. Comfortable belly part, warm fleece lining.

5. Tough Teething Clean Dog Chew Toys

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Code: 507VRHGQ

Price after code: $6.99

  • 100% Safe Nylone Material : Be made of 100% natural nylone which will be safe to your pets. Even if a pet accidentally eats it, it can be excreted through normal excretion.
  • Beef Flavor & Durable Design: Lightweight and beef flavor design,which is perfect for middle,large dogs, it is easy for you to wash the toy with Hand wash / dishwasher wash.
  • Teeth Clean & Keep Health: Be good for your pet to keep teeth cleaning and aggressive, with proper weight and shape you can play fetch game with your dogs, which will increase exercise to maintain weight and health by playing the toy.

6. Birds Swing Chewing Toys

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Code: 51UYV6BH

Price after code: $5.88

  • 10 pack : 1 bird training toy, 1 different type of bird swing, 4 bird rattan toy balls, 2 different bird rattan toy ball strings, 1 cage ladder and 1 corn leaf toy . She will love bouncing around from toy to toy getting her exercise.
  • Bird toys for conures are made of natural material, purely handmade, safe and sturdy, and dyed with natural food coloring. The sharper the parrot's beak, the faster the toys will be consumed.
  • All bird cage accessories toy come with an active hook which is easy to connect the steel hook to the top of your pet cage. Provides your little bird an ideal elevated place to swing, chew and climb.

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