Pet Item Deals ( March 12, 2021 Update)

1. Cat Bed for Indoor Cats

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Code: 50RQH7MA

Price after code: $12.49

  • 2 SIZE ABAILABLE: The 20 inch round cat bed is perfect for small or medium cats about 8-15 lbs, the 24 inch round cat bed is for large cats or small dogs about 15- 30 lbs.
  • WATERPROOF AND NON-SLIP BOTTOM: Your cat bed will not move while your kitty have a crazy dream. Donut cat beds are extremely plush and some of the most cuddly cat beds are great for cats that like to curl up and get cozy.
  • SUPER EASY TO MAINTENANCE: Just put the entire cat bed into the washing machine, you can get rid of any hair or dander, frequently wash can protect pets against dirt and dusts, ensure their health.

2. Cute Bowtie Cat Collar Breakaway with Bell for Kitty

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Code: 50E5SVCU

Price after code: $3.99

  • ADJUSTABLE: 7.8"- 10.2", four options, for most cats and some puppies
  • GREAT MATERIAL: made of high quality cotton fabric, durable & soft.
  • PLAID STYLE: designed with classic plaid style, cute & adorable.
  • MOVABLE BOWTIE: the bowtie is attached to the collar with elastic bands, so it is movable.
  • BREAKAWAY: the safe buckle releases when pressure is applied, very safe for pets, and convenient for you to open it.

3. Cats Imitation Fish Cat Toys with Catnip for Cat Chewing and Biting


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Code: 40TYX6OT

Price after code: $5.99

  • QUALITY MATERIAL: the cat catnip toys are made of quality plush fabric, filled with PP cotton and catnip; They are non-toxic and safe for cats to play happily; The cotton linen ensures long-lasting for biting and chewing
  • SIZE & STYLE: the cat mint pillow toy is 3.7 inches in length and the imitation fish cat toy is 7.9 inches in length; They are suitable size for cat to bite and carry; Various styles will attract your cat to play.
  • REDUCE BAD BEHAVIORS: the cat catnip toy is soft to cuddle as a small pillow to comfort anxious cat; When the cat steps on the catnip chew toy, it will make a sound, stimulating cat's interest to come and play.

4. Feather Flower Fluffy Ball 3-Piece Suit Interactive Cat Wand

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Code: 60E63TN1

Price after code: $7.19

  • CAT TOYS MATERIAL: Materials non-toxic and tasteless, the handle is made of PVC transparent hard tube, safe and durable, will not scratch the cat, metal bells, feather stick is 36cm long, rabbit ball style is 40cm long and the flower Style pole is 42cm long
  • The package contains 3 different styles of cat wands toys (feather/rabbit hair ball/bell ball), alternate use can enhance the freshness of cats to toys, cat stick toy is a kind of toy that cats like, even gentle cats will React vigorously. 

5. Dog and Cat Food Dispensing Toys

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Code: 40KV846L

Price after code: $8.99

  • Eating While Playing:The unique feeding function allows the dog to get snacks by nudge, which will encourage the cat to continue chasing so that the pet can exercise and protect the pet health
  • Ease to use: Open the transparent shell part of the product, and you can put cat food, dog food, pet snacks into it. When the pet touch the toy, it will swing back and forth, and the food will leak out of it to attract the pet attention.
  • Unique Design: The bottom of the toy main body is equipped with a counterweight, which can be shaken back and forth with the touch by your pets. So your pet can chase the toy for fun and treats.

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