Pet Item Deals ( July 13, 2021 Update)

1. Dog Collar and Leash Set

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Code: 50FC4KBY

Price after code: $6.99

  • Dog Collar and Leash Set – The heavy duty reflective dog leash is made of strong 1/2-inch diameter rock climbing rope. Durable 360° tangle free and rustproof swivel hook that protect you and your dog’s safe.The waterproof dog training collar is made of NEW PVC-based coated polyester material and matches well with the leash.
  • Comfortable and Durable- Features soft padded handles for amazing comfortable, just enjoy the feeling walks with your dog and protects your hand from rope burn.
  • Reflective Leash- Highly reflective threads keep high visibility at night for safety,just enjoy the feeling walks even on late-evening.lity at night for safety,just enjoy the feeling walks even on late-evening.
  • Waterproof Collar- High quality PVC material make our collar is soft and bendable to provide extra comfort for your pup,waterproof Anti-Odor durable and easier to clean. The dog collar is avaiable in tow size.M/W 0.79 inches, adjustable range 11.81-18.5 inches ;L/W 0.98 inches, adjustable range 15.35-24.8 inches.

2. Pet Sling Carrier - Travel Puppy Carrying Bag

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Code: 15U4GFL5

Price after code: $26.25

  • ◆What You Need: As the master of a medium or small-sized dog, you know that sometimes the leash is not a solution. For easy and comfortable transportation of your pet, we have the perfect answer: the adjustable pet sling.
  • ◆Safe for The Pet: Our dog carrier for medium dogs has a 3-second strap that allows you to adjust the length of the dog purse, offering full comfort and flexibility. The double safety device will also prevent your dog from popping out of the bag.
  • ◆Waterproof: The dog front carrier has a premium waterproof material that will keep your dog dry even during heavy rain. Your pup can stay safe and comfortable in his own place while you reach the destination.
  • ◆Painless: Although carrying your 15-20 pounds dog on the should bag doesn’t seem very comfortable, in reality, the strap/pad set has a special ergonomic design that is easy and lightweight, keeping you safe from shoulder pain.

3. Adjustable Dog Lifesaver Reflective Vest

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Code: 50KS7KAN

Price after code: $6.49

  • Rescue Handles: Durable grab handle of the dog life preserver makes it easy to pull your dog out of any emergency, easy rescue & restraint.
  • High Visibility: Comes with reflective strims, enhances your dog's visibility in and out of the water, allow you to identify your dog quickly.
  • Perfect Fit: Hook and loop fastener, adjustable strap and quick-release buckle fastening system ensures perfect fit for any size dog, and keep the vest secure on your dog.
  • Special Design: Foam panels add buoyancy & secure front neck float helps keep your dog's head above water and release dog's neck pressure, no more worries about your dogs for every water sports.

 4. Adjustable Double Dog Leash

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Code: 651MBR8R

Price after code: $6.65

  • 【Dual Leash for 2 Dogs】- You only need to tie a leash to an extra strength coupler or splitter to walk two dogs at once and control them safely. Our double belt traction rope is made of durable nylon material, you can use it with confidence.
  • ▶【360 Degree Rotation Without Tangles & Adjustable Length】- The 360-degree rotating buckle design can be automatically adjusted when the dog is criss-crossed. You don’t have to worry about entanglement when walking two dogs, and the dog will not mess up the leash when moving left and right. The traction rope can be adjusted to fitLength, which provides enough space for your dog, perfect for dogs of different sizes.
  • ▶【Soft Grip & Shock Absorber Spring】- Our dog leash comes with a soft handle, you won't hurt your arm because it is pulled too hard, and the soft foam handle gives you a comfortable grip. The unique spring design helps to reduce the vibration when the dog is moving fast and reduce the feeling of being pulled.
  • ▶【Reflective Design】- The luminous reflective stripe design spans the length of the two leashes to provide extra light at night. Our reflective seams are necessary to help you stand out in the dark and ensure the safety of you and your dog.

5. Snuffle Mat for Dogs

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Code: 40QXLEHS

Price after code: $7.79

  • STIMULATE FORAGING INSTINCTS: Our sniffle mats are designed to mimic natural grass and can simulate active hunting and foraging in nature. Give your dog the opportunity to “track down” their food or treats. Helps satisfy their desires to search, sniff out and hunt for things
  • SLOW FEEDING TRAINING: By searching for snacks or small toys hidden in the mats, it helps to train your dog's nose & mind. Helps prevent digestive problems by slowing down eating time
  • ANT-SLIP & PORTABLE: Our sniffing pad is designed with non-slip cloth to prevent shifting and helps reduce mess during feeding times. It comes with a frosted drawstring bag for storage, and carrying
  • DUAL-USE FOR ALL DOGS & PETS: Our large feeding mat can be folded into a 15.7×11.8” bowl for feeding, or unsnap the buttons as a smell sensory pad measuring 19.7x15.7”. Our mats can be used by dogs of any breed, age, size, and even bunnies, cats and pet pigs will love them
  • DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN: Our mats are made of strong, pet-safe and washable felt cloth. Machine washable, but hand wash recommend. The “grass” is double stitched to the mat with thick cotton threads for extra durability

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