Pet Item Deals ( January 23, 2021 Update)

1. Petrala Dog Chew Toys

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Code: 50NA1FPN

Price after code: $7.5

--  It is original design with appearance and practical Patent,evolved from English design. Try to recognize Kumfi Comfy certified products.

-- Made of eco-friendly and non-toxic TPR,it doesn't hurt your puppy biologically.It is also wear resistant and comsy,which is great for chewing or playing tug.

2. Aumuca Dog Harness

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Code: 453WW3WM

Price after code: $9.34

-- Size Small fits Chest Girth 13.7-15.7 inch, Neck Girth 8-11 inch, please MEASURE your dog carefully and refer to the size chart before purchasing.

-- Made of breathable and soft mesh fabric with fantastic air permeability, reflective dog harness protects the dogs' fur from movement hurt. And the reflective straps of the dog harness with handle enhance visibility and safety for your puppy at night when walking.

3.Ospetty Squeak Durable Pet Toy

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Code: 65UMCC5I

Price after code: $6.3

--Our chew toys is designed according to different fruit shape, like strawberry, it’s red color which will shows with dark gray in dog’s eyes. It’s more easier to catch their eyes than light colors.

--In this special period of time, it’s better to stay at home than going outside. But dogs need space and excise to release their stress and emotions. Our chew toy will help you with this. It’s a good way to practise throwing and catching game with your dog in your garden with our dragon fruit chew toys.

4.Zero Zoo Cat Harness and Leash Set

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Code: 50B9A76O

Price after code: $5.0

--Made of light weight and flexible polyamide material,Very comfortable fit for cat and will not hurt when she put on the cat walking harness, You can enjoy walking with the cat.

--Cat Harness with the new pattern design, a variety of colors and patterns can be selected to make your cat shine the most.


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