Pet Item Deals ( Feburary 8, 2021 Update)

1. Tough Teething Clean Dog Chew Toys

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Code: 60DN6XLO

Price after code: $6.0

-- Be made of 100% natural nylone which will be safe to your pets. Even if a pet accidentally eats it, it can be excreted through normal excretion.

-- Special bone structural and proper hardness design makes it is durable and comfortable for aggressive chewers, which will not only allow your dog to consume excess energy and clean teeth, but also make him/she more healthier by playing the toy.

--Be good for your pet to keep teeth cleaning and aggressive, with proper weight and shape you can play fetch game with your dogs, which will increase exercise to maintain weight and health by playing the toy.

2. WHIPPY Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

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Code: 45BM7LPA

Price after code: $7.14

-- The rubber on the bottom can effective reduce noise and skidding when your pet is eating, also can protect the floor from scratch.

-- Package: 2 pcs of stainless bowl. 13000 hours lifespan results economic and practical selection of this bowl.Each bowl medium size holds 2 cups (10oz.), pls check detail size by size picture.

3.  4 Pieces Reflective Nylon Dog Leashes

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Code: 30CBPWPK

Price after code: $6.29

-- The package includes 2 pieces dog walking leashes and 2 pieces dog collars in 2 kind of colors, sufficient amount for your daily use and replacement.

-- Adopt quality nylon and stainless steel as their materials, they feature good durability and practicality, reusable and lightweight, the padded handle is comfortable for people to hold in hands for a long walking time.

-- Both dog leashes and dog collars contain reflective design, which aims to make the pet attractive and noticeable in the dark, attracting a lot of attention and admiration from others. Beside, the obvious effect provided by reflective design can improve your pet's safety, because it deliver a higher recognition in the outside.

4. Self and Interactive Play Non-Electric Automated Toys for Cats

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Code: 40X9J1CB

Price after code: $6.50

-- No battery and USB charging need, this means you do not hassle and waste money to replace the battery, and not afraid the toy will hurt your cat. 

-- Contains a high-content catnip ball and bell, plus a funny cat ball on the top, which attracts the attention of the cat, increases the interest in playing, and help the cat discharge hairballs. Also come with another feather replacements that cats like, so you can use the ball or feather alternately at any time to better attract the cat’s attention and interest.

5. Durable Dog Rope Toys - Interactive Dog Chew Toys

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Code: 15NHMTOE

Price after code: $9.34

-- Size: head: 6”, tail: 15”. Monkey shape, with a long body, you can pull and play with dogs, I believe it is a good gift.

-- Be made of Oxford braided rope. This material is strong and has a certain degree of elasticity. It still has a strong service life under the strong bite of the dog.

-- There is a handle attached to the head of the toy, which will be very convenient when you play with the dog, just pull it directly, and it will be very strong after the sophisticated stitching process.

6. Timos  Dog Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs

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Code: 556NULRK

Price after code: $4.04

-- Unique, vivid, and stylish patterns designed with your dog’s comfort and style in mind, From teacups to giant breeds, boy dogs or girl dogs, we have a special collar pattern that will show your pet’s unique personality.

-- Made with highly durable, abrasion-resistant polyester webbing to ensure durability with curved nylon buckles.

-- The dog collars’ length can be adjustable with slider,If your dogs circumference is between two sizes, Larger size would be more suitable.

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