Pet Item Deals ( Feburary 26, 2021 Update)

1. Washable Seasonable Bandana Triangle Bibs Scarf

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Code: 4091DPPJ

Price after code: $5.99

  • Size: Triangle dog scarf has a suitable size, 27 x 19 inch is suitable for most medium or large sized pets dogs even for cats. Please measure the size of your pets before ordering.
  • Material: these bandanas are made of high-quality polyester, dual layer makes it long lasting, breathable and durable to be used all year round, allowing them be the ideal bandanas for pets.
  • Comfortable and washable: these bandanas are also very soft, touching comfortable, easy to shape diverse styles for your pets, checkered dog bandanas can be washed by machine and easy for you to store and carry.

2. Double Dog Cat Bowls - 2 in 1 Automatic Pet Feeder

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Code: 35UTQ2TD

Price after code: $13.64

  • 2-in-1 Pet Feeder: 2-in-1 feeder bowl design, with automatic water bottle, no matter whether you are at home or not, it will automatically refill the petri dish with water to keep the water full and clean.
  • Large Capacity: 1000ml large capacity is large enough to meet the daily drinking water needs of pet, avoid long-term storage of water and accumulation of bacteria.
  • Suitable Height Design: The height of the cat food bowl is away from ground 5.9 in , which reduces the pressure on the cat ’s neck and abdomen, helps the cat swallow more easily and avoide vomiting.

3. Flush Faux Fur Donut Cat Bed

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Code: 30C8O5UP

Price after code: $13.43

  • Hypoallergenic & super comfy material is beneficial to pets sleep quality, let them snuggle down between the base and the wall stays warm.
  • Made of non-toxic materials, safe in the washing machine - Machine wash, gentle cycle, air dry.
  • 2 Size: The 20 x 20'' bed for pets up to 25lb, the 24 x 24'' bed for pets up to 40lb. The 24'' cat bed is perfect for 2 cats curl up together. NOTICE: Due to the large amount of cotton filling and the fact that the dog bed is vacuum compressed.

4. Retractable Heavy Duty Dog Leash

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Code: 40H5DMF4

Price after code: $17.99

  • Super- bright flashlight: Chic detachable aluminum alloy flashlight, Happy & Polly retractable dog leash is very convenient to use at night (LED chip made in USA). When detached, this flashlight can be a mini portable carry-on item.
  • Strong fishing line weave on both sides of the ribbon, makes this dog leash very strong, but even the strongest rope can’t withstand a dog chewing on it.
  • Add a bungee leash for the retractable dog leash. The bungee dog leash has a unique formula of flexibility and strength that dissipates quick forces and optimizes comfort and safety for both you and your dog.
  • Anti- twist outlet and inlet: 360° anti-twist inlet and outlet, allow you to control your dog at any angle.


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