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Cat Cone Soft Dog Cone Collar After Surgery


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Code: 60IF4SI4

Price after Code: 9.19

  • 【HUMANIZE PET RECOVERY CONE】---Compared with the traditional plastic dog cone, our cat neck cone is more humane, without the noise of Velcro, it is the perfect choice for the protective collar. It is specially designed for pets with wounds and skin diseases after surgery to help them recover faster.
  • 【WATER-RESISTANT】---Our soft dog cone is a waterproof collar made of high-quality flexible fabric, which will not fade and not stick to pet hair. The lightweight and waterproof materials are easier to clean. In contact with water on the outside, water droplets can be easily removed from the fabric surface.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE PET CONE 】---Design with an adjustable buckle, our cat recovery cone can allow adjusting the tightness to the proper range according to pet's neck size, no more unsuited situation. Our dog cone is suitable for kittens and small medium dogs.
  • 【COMFORTABLE CLOUD】---Our cat soft cone is light and breathable, so your pet will not feel uncomfortable. Fabric is sturdy with good sewing work, both abrasion and bite resistance. Our dog cone collar can also protect the cat's head and neck, be used as a pillow when they sleeping.
  • 【QUALITY ASSURANCE】---The inside of the small cat cone is filled with high-quality fiber cotton and can better protect the health of pets. Please measure the head circumference of your pets before purchasing them, and refer to the size info image. If you feel like your pet is in between sizes, choose the bigger one. If you see 2"~3" (5~8cm) of your pet's legs when they are wearing the product, that is the right size for your pet.

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