Pet Item Deals ( April 23, 2021 Update)

1. Regulation Pet Nail Grinder Nail File for Dogs and Cats

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Code: 75MDFE2T

Price after code: $4.75

  • Safe, effective and accurate trimming: This machine adopts advanced diamond drilling machine to provide the safest and most comfortable pet claw grinder. It can trim and polish the round surface safely without any acute angle. It can trim pet nails painlessly and accurately anywhere
  • Ports are suitable for all kinds of pets: the trimmer is equipped with three ports and a stepless speed regulating switch, which is suitable for large, medium and small pets of various nail sizes. You can choose the right port and speed according to your pet's size and nail hardness.
  • Ultra low noise and vibration: our electric pet nail grinder uses exclusive high-quality motors and whisper mute technology to keep pets calm and help sand pet claws faster and easier. So that dogs and small animals are no longer disturbed by noise, the care of large nails is no longer laborious.
  • Stepless speed regulation: different from these two speeds, our dog nail clippers adopt stepless speed regulation design. You can adjust the most appropriate nail sharpening speed according to the hardness of your nails. More speed options allow you to trim dog and small animal nails safely and effectively.

2. Female Dog Diapers Reusable Sanitary Wraps for Small Medium Dog

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Code: 45QV84SI

Price after code: $7.69

  • Waist:11.8-13.7", please measure your pet size(point A,B,C) according to the ways which we provide before purchasing.
  • Easy to clean by hand or machine wash. More economical and environmentally friendly than disposable diapers.
  • Soft cotton material, the dog will not stain the carpet and sofa at home during the period.
  • 3 pack/ 5 sizes available: Each package has three pack pants with different colors.

3. Comfy Self Warming Round Dog Bed with Fluffy Faux Fur

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Code: 60J1GM6C

Price after code: $12.40

  • Comfort and deep sleep: The comfy calming dog bed is made of premium fluffy plush, and this faux fur dog bed can provides a ultra soft,warm and anti anxiety environment for puppy or medium dog,the pet lie on the cozy pet beds is as warm as mom’s arm.
  • Donut design: The cuddler dog bed perfect for curling pets. calming shag dog bed with raised frame design provides head and neck support and enhances the sense of security, meanwhile it help to relieve pet friends’ muscle soreness and arthritis pain.
  • Size : 28x28 pet beds for Large dogs up to 35 pounds,The pet bed package will be compressed,just shake and pat it before use.
  • Waterproof & non-slip bottom: the donut dog bed bottom adopts high-density fabric design with sticky beads ,pets will not easily move when getting on and off the fluffy dog bed.
  • Easy to care: machines washer and dryers is available for calming dog bed(machine wash, gentle cycle, drying, low heat), easy to eliminate odor and hair.

4. Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar with Bells

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Code: 50XWSCYC

Price after code: $7.50

  • 6 Pack: There are 6 different cat collars with bells in one package, according to different needs and preferences to choose, convenient to replace.
  • Collar Size: Adjustable 7.8 inches to 11.8 inches, suitable for all kinds of cats.
  • Comfortable: Made of soft polyester material, which is comfortable and breathable, makes your kitty relaxed.
  • Reflective Design: Designed with reflective footprint patterns on the collar, makes it easy to find your cat in the dark.
  • Breakaway Safety Buckle: This breakaway buckle will quickly release under pressure if your cat gets caught up in something.

5. Adjustable&Reflective Soft Padded Dog Vest 

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Code: 50CXLNZM

Price after code: $7.50

  • Easy to put on and take off: This no pull dog harness has 3 release snap buckles, 2 on the belly and 1 red security lock at the neck for easy on and off, no need to go over dog’s head.
  • No pull and no choke: The adjustable puppy harness has two sturdy metal leash attachment hooks with reinforced webbing, front clip for discouraging pulling and back for relaxed walks. The dog harness is soft breathable non-toxic mesh padded, pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body to prevent Choking. This easy walk dog harness is perfect for daily walking, running, hiking, training, hunting, outdoor adventure and more!
  • Reflective straps for safety: The reflective stitching will be really nice and high visibility when it gets dark. Your dog will be seen easily. It can make drivers have long time to react, which ensure your dog’s safety.
  • The training handle is convenient: The grab handle on the back is very handy for keeping control of dogs when they are closer to you or they are trying to lunge at something. It will keep dogs in control and more manageable. Also it is convenient to assist dogs into the car.

6. Imitation Wood Cat Scratchers

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Code: 504NUY8A

Price after code: $10.50

  • 3-IN-1 Design: Our cat scratchers consists of 3 packs in different shapes. ( Flat Shape, Curved Shape, Lounge Shape) Merged together for easily storage and space saving. Create your own placement of 3 to accommodate your one cat or two cats' need.
  • Premium Materials: Made by 100% eco-friendly and high-quality corrugated cardboard. Premium scratching textures provide unexpected snug touching experience, making it more irresistible for your cats.
  • Effective Combination: The flat one is specially designed for kitties or small cats; The lounge one has longer scratching life and can be used as a lounge to sleep or have a nest. Curved design make for easier. scratching to contour a cat's ability to flex and stretch their bodies. It is also ideal for claws well-maintenance, exercise, muscle toning and stress relieve.
  •  Includes Free Catnip: Our cat scratchers include two packs of organic catnip to increase our cat's attention and keeps it happy and joyful.

7. Cat Recovery Body Wrap Anti-Licking Suit

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Code: 505B1PT1

Price after code: $6.0

  • Suitable size: the back length of the kittens recovery suit is 30 cm/ 11.8 inch, the neck circumference measures 22 cm/ 8.7 inch, and the chest circumference is 34 cm/13.4 inch, suitable for cats and dogs under 7.7 pounds; Please carefully measure the size of your pet before ordering.
  • Quality material: made of quality material, the cat recovery suits are soft and breathable, very comfortable for your cats to wear, the suit design makes it easy to put on and take off.
  • Practical tool: this kind of cat suit is designed to be worn for your cats during the recovering time, helping the prevent cats from licking the wounds by themselves or between cats, and also suitable for weaning time of baby kittens from their mom.
  • Easy to use: the cat recovery suits are elastic, and make it easy for your cats to move when wearing these cat recovery suits, and please note that most cats refuse to move and keeps falling over at the first time wearing clothes.

8. No Stuffing Fox Raccoon Set Plush Squeaky Toys Aggressive Chewers

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Code: 50ADC5H7

Price after code: $10.0

  • Safe Bite Resistant: The squeaky plush toys are made of 100% polyester rabbit fur fabric . Rope toys are made of 100% cotton ,environmental friendly, without odor and any chemical additives. The twist-like rope have tough structure which can keep the dog biting for a long time without damage teeth.
  • Interactive Dog Toys: Rope toys for tug of war, training. Squeaky plush toys have screams on the head and tail, which will attract the attention of dogs . It contains interesting screams of irresistible, which will stimulate their natural hunting instincts and release stress.
  • Clean Teeth Tartar: Twist-shaped cotton rope toys can clean the dog’s teeth and improve gum health. Squeaky toys help dogs to exercise more and improve their health, quality playing time together will also increase their bonds with owners.
  • Dog IQ Training: The owner can use cotton rope toys to interact with the dog to train the dog's reaction ability and strain capacity, improve intelligence. Increase mutual feelings.

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