Pet Item Deals ( April 16, 2021 Update)

1. Slow Treater Dispensing Mat Suctions to Wall for Dog Training 

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Code: 70X4IJAN

Price after code: $7.20

  • 💓Slower Healthier Feeding】-- This slow feeding licking mats encourage slower eating, which effectively reduce bloating, improve digestion and mentally stimulation as well. Its textured pattern promotes dental health for clean teeth, fresh breath, and healthy gums.
  • 💓【Fun & Easy Bathing Time】-- Distract your pups while you do other things, Simply smear their favorite treats on the licking mat and stick it to the flat surface, also making their bathing time, grooming or trim nails much easier. Or get something different for your furry friends to try!
  • 💓【Suction Cup Design】-- The back of the peanut butter licking plate is designed with 4 integrated suction cups, which can be easily adsorbed on the floor, wall and glass, stable and easy to detach. It works better when the suction cups are wet.
  • 💓【RECOMMENDED FOR Both DOGS & CATS】-- A great pet tableware set that consisting of 4 parts: 2 slow feeder, 2 peanut butter licking mats. It keeps your pet happily engaged as they lick peanut butter, yogurt, pumpkin puree, and others. Can be perfectly used for more than 2 dogs or cats, meeting your needs of different scenes and saving money.

2. No Pull Adjustable Soft Pet Harness Set with 4FT Training Dog Leash

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Code: 50F4JEL3

Price after code: from $10.0 to $11.0

  • 🧡This quick fit harness is easy to put on and put off. It is easy to slip over dog's head and fit comfortably around his body.
  • 🧡Adjustable webbing on both sides of the chest,You can adjust it to the right size which fit your dog neck and chest. Perfectly designed for walking, jogging, running, hiking or training.The chest and abdomen have soft mesh pad , Which produce friction when the dog is walking to provide the dog with extra comfort.
  • 🧡4 FT long dog leash made from durable bungee strap to reduce pulling shocks and prevents injuries. Besides, The padded handle will also makes your palm comfortable.The soft sponge at the handle can be adjusted according to your favorite posture.

3. Dog Cool Bed Liner Blanket for Small Medium Large Dogs

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Code: 37C4BERW

Price after code: from $6.29 to $22.67

  • 💛Summer Mat: The dog cooling mat made of premium self-cooling fabric, Dissipate heat quickly to maintain a cool temperature.
  • 💛Necessary: As a pet breeder, you should find that dogs like to hide in the shade in the summer and are very quiet. As mammals, they need a cool environment like humans. This mat is the best choice.
  • 💛Foldable: The cushion is soft and can be folded up or played when you don’t need it, you can carry it with you.
  • 💛Washable Mat: Our dog cooling mat can be machine washed or hand washed,gentle cycle and tumble dry.It's durable and will not deform after multiple cleaning.

4. USB Rechargeable LED Dog Leash - Glowing in Dark

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Code: 30TRFJ2X

Price after code: $9.79

  • 💚This lighted dog leashes can keep your dog or cat visible & safe in the darkness with led& TPU light-guiding tube, also with reflective nylon stitches. Its visible distance closes to 500 meters. Vehicles can see your dog in advance with this bright leash.
  • 💚This glowing dog leash can be charged by matched USB cable when use up, no need to replace the batteries and no extra cost for the battery, energy-saving& environmental-friendly!
  • 💚This lighted dog leash can be set to quick flash, slow flash or steady glow by pushing the button.
  • 💚This lighted pet leash was made of high-grade nylon and quite durable. And in order to protect your dog and the leash, the LED band is shorter than the leash above 11 inch in design. It has a durable metal hook can perfectly connect with your led dog collar or ordinary dog leash.

5. Outdoor Dog Paw Protection Rain/Snow Boots

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Code: 562B7HCY

Price after code: $12.76

  • 💙Size -  #5:L*W(2.51"x2.24")/ lbs(41-60),#6: L*W(2.83"x2.52")/ lbs(52-70),#7: L*W(3.22"x2.75")/ lbs(66-90),#8: L*W(3.22"x2.95")/ lbs(75-95); Please refer to the picture size chart, You can choose the right size for your dog according to the width.
  • 💙Reflective & Adjustable Straps - The reflective straps of this dog shoes are adjustable and long enough, capable to prevent slipping off and supply a customized tightness secure closure. Not only keep your dog safe at night, but also make sure your dog's comfortable.
  • 💙Anti - slip & Waterproof - This dog booties are made of tough and water resistant material, anti-slip and waterproof sturdy soles allow the dog boots to be used indoors or outdoors, in wet and dry, hot and cold conditions.
  • 💙Multi - functional - Indoor: Prevent your sofa, carpet or car seat from sharp claws. Outdoor: Protect your dog's paws from dirty/hurt in the snow/dirt/hiking/sidewalk/rocks/hot/cold.

6. Slow Feeder Bowls Mats for Pet

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Code: 50LZ8TTA

Price after code: $8.0

  • 💜Dimensions - The size of the mats is 18.5 inch x 11.6 inch
  • 💜 Material - Soft food grade silicone, BPA free, in line with the United States FDA strict testing
  • 💜Easy to wash and clean
  • 💜 Healthier - The slow-feeding bowl is carefully designed to slow down feeding to prevent indigestion, vomiting and bloating.
  • 💜 In a bowl maze, diet calories were controlled to help control dog obesity. Eating more slowly is healthier for your dog.


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