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3 Pack Flower Pattern Safety Collars will bell

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  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: The cat collar can be adjusted from 7.5 in. to 11 in. There are 3 collars available for your different small dogs and cats to wear. Please measure the size of your pet's neck before you shop.
  • BREAKAWAY: This cute collar has a cute buckle that is easy to open when your cat is in danger. This design gives especially cats that love to climb. When they play outdoors, you don't have to worry about them. We also hope that the cats never get to use this feature.
  • REMOVEABLE BELL: The bell is removable and easy to take down. When the cats play at home, you can quickly find them according to the sound of the bell. If you do not need the bell, you can also remove the bell, so that your cat walks quietly.
  • COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: The collar is made of high-quality comfortable and soft fabric. Your pet should enjoy wearing it. With three different colored collars, your pet can wear them alternately.
  • FLOWERS PATTERN DESIGN: This collar is designed according to flowers, it is full of spring and summer warm feeling. Vibrant flowers are beautiful, and your kitten becomes even more lovely after putting it on.

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